Hi folks! There's a lot going on in Smitten Land this month, so this message will be rather long. =)

Firstly, the pre-order for the Fall 2014 Collection will be this Friday, September 5, at 2pm central time. I will accept orders for 24 hours, so hopefully that will be a good window for everyone to get their orders in.

There is a caveat for this pre-order: If you've ordered from me before, you know that I pride myself on getting pre-orders pushed out the door just as quickly as possible. This time, I've hit a snag. I attempted to order more bottles recently (with plenty of lead time based on past shipments), only to find that my supplier is closed for inventory and won't be able to ship more bottles until September 10, and then there is transit time on top of that.

I do have *some* bottles in stock - I just don't think I have enough. I'm expecting that this delay will push my typical turnaround from 1-2 weeks into more like 2-3 weeks. I’ll fill as many orders as I can with what I have on hand, just know when you order that it might take longer than what is normal for me to get the orders out.

Here are the Fall 2014 shades:

The second thing is that Smitten is doing a special charity polish this month for Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide prevention is a cause that is very, very important to me on a personal level, and it means a lot to me to be in a position to lend awareness to the fact that mental illness is real. It's affected my family. It affects LOTS of families, and lots of people. The suicide prevention hotline number is 1-800-273-8255. It’s my hope that this number might be useful to people who are struggling, whether it's the person buying the polish or someone they care about. The charity polish is called Out of the Darkness. It’s a purple jelly base with turquoise and purple holo microglitters (the suicide prevention colors), along with teal to purple color shifting glitters. $6 from each bottle sold in the month of September will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (www.afsp.org). Out of the Darkness will be available for pre-order on September 5 along with the fall shades. It is my intention to keep it available at least through the month of September.

And the last order of business! I’m pleased to announce the Smitten will be featured in October’s Sweet Addictions box by Cupcake Polish. The theme is Think Pink!, and the Smitten Shade is called In October, We Wear Pink. It’s a BRIGHT, warm leaning pink jelly polish (nearly neon in some lights) filled with two sizes of holographic microglitter. The box will launch on September 28, and will be available at cupcakepolish.com.

I think that’s everything! Hope you all are well, and thank you as always for all your support!!

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