Hi, folks! Juggling a lot of life stuff right now, so here's how I'm going to handle the spring and St. Patrick's day collections:

1. I'll list Claddagh and Shamrock Shake at 10am CENTRAL TIME on 2/22 and I'll ship them on 2/24. I have to go out of town on Monday for a couple of weeks, and I didn't want to wait to ship the initial stock of St. Patrick's Day polishes that close to the 17th. If they don't sell out and more orders come while I'm gone, Mr. Smitten has agreed to help me by shipping them out to you guys. Note: If you miss them, they WILL be restocked, just likely not in time for St. Paddy's Day.

2. The spring collection will be split into two because it's gotten rather huge. I'll launch the first four in mid-March after I'm back in town. That will be Not Your Mama's Easter Grass (lime holo glitter), Glacial Springs (turquoise holo glitter), Audrey's Rainbow (Tiffany blue holo) and Ker-Bloom (periwinkle holo). Then in early April, I'll launch another four (two holos and two shimmers).

In addition to Claddagh and Shamrock Shake, I'll be topping off inventory of all shades that are currently in stock at www.smittenpolish.com. I'll also be listing Just in Cases and Harold's Crayon, since the pigments finally arrived. Note that this will likely be the final restocks of The First Lobster and Love Actually Is All Around.

And lastly, I accidentally added too much white to one of my batches of Shamrock Shake, resulting in a lovely mint with BARELY any holo. I can't replicate it, but rather than just tossing them, I figured I'd name it Mintmallow and put them up for anyone who might want them.

I think that's everything? Maybe?